Wim Hof method in English language

Datum a čas konání kurzu

23.02.2023 - 26.02.2023 (Celý den)

This is my first and ONLY  weekend seminar available in English language. Everything will be translated from Czech to English language during teaching!

„When you give one a fish, you’d feed them for the day. When you teach one to catch a fish, you’d feed them for the rest of their life.“ proverb

„You are stronger than you think you are.“ Wim Hof

The popularity of this method is quickly spreading all around the world, and the reason is simple: IT IS WORKING. In my coaching experience, breathing and cold-exposure has the potential to be deeply transformative. For everyone in a different way…but one thing is certain; no one has ever return home from my seminar being the same they left it. 😊

I, Václav Silovský – a certified instructor of Wim Hof’s method, teach in person.

Breath has a powerful impact on our organism. Shifts start to take place in our body once we start breathing deeply. Shifts on the level of our physical body and the soul itself. It is healing, cleansing, blissfull, inspirational and actually quite simple. It is possible to practise breathing individually, but guiddance and the group energy makes the experience even greater, especially in the beginnings.

Cold exposure – gradual and natural, has an impact on the entire vascular, nervous and mascular system. It affects positively our immune system and prevents our body from creating infections. Feelings of euphoria, joy, freshness and happiness are common after every cold exposure. Afterwards you can feel the energy flowing into your body and feel it throughout your day to day activities. Another form of cold exposure is a topless hike in nature in low temperatures. That is part of the method – prooving ourselves, thanks to focus and the right mindset, that anything is possible. And the impact is very benefitial as well.


Seminar will include all parts of the method; cold water exposure, breathing methods including the „oxygen advantage“ method and training the mind. You are going going to experience:

  • hike in the nearby forest only in shorts and shoes
  • yoga practise to strengthen the body, mind and spirit – that’s an inseperable part of this method
  • theoretical lectures about 1. WHM method 2. the impact of breath on our overal health 3. approach to nourishing the body with the right foods in order to reach balanced, healthy and thriving body
  • theme related documentary movies
  • excerise both outdoors and indoors
  • group sauna

You’ll also get the opportunity to take a break from your day-to-day life, to relax in our clean environment, in nature, including a good sleep in tiny houses made out of natural materials, to eat healthy, delicious vegan meals. Simply you’ll get to enjoy it on all levels and to experience something new. Crucial point will also be experiencing the power of this method in a group of people with proffesional guidance, and immensely influencing so your life and getting a greater perception of joy, strength and happiness.


To start believing in your own power. To learn how to be perfecty healthy and that you can call upon healing anytime, simply and by yourself. To be able to cope with your own problems – physical or mental ones, with relationships, work…anyone can do it. This seminar is an opportunity to get out of your comfort, break your own limits and expand your abilities, which are within each of us – just not awaken yet 😊

To learn „Oxygen Advantage“ breathing technique, which has an enormous impact on a lot of processes in our body. This technique is the perfect match with WHM methode and you can practise it on the daily. After a short period of time this technique can lift up your energy levels and overal health.

On top off that, you’ll get information from the lectures about my approach to life, to physical body as well as training the mind. I source information from my own life experience, my past teachers, meditation and transformation seminars that I was either taught or I taught myself.


Write a request via mail to this address: vaclav.s@organic-farm.cz
Subsequently send a deposit, which serves as your confirmation.
Deposit is 160 EUR.
Please enclose your full name as a message for recipient.
Bank account number for czech payment: 123-1692530217/0100
IBAN: CZ0801000001231692530217
Deposit is refundable in case you cancel your presence up until a month before. Within the last month before the seminar, you can either use this deposit for another of my upcoming seminars or send someone else instead.
If you have any questions do not hesitate to e-mail me (address above).

Where is it all happening?

Organicfarm Soběsuky 85, Nepomuk 33501, Czech republic


360 EUR in total
For the seminar: 200 EUR – paid in cash after your arrival
For accommodation and food: 160 EUR – this is the amount of the deposit, including 3 nights in two-beds rooms. We start on Thursday with dinner and end on Sunday after brunch 🙂


Official start is between 17:30 – 18:30 (5.30pm-6.30pm), within this timeframe you can accommodate yourself, unpack and get to know the area.
Dinner is at 18:30.
At 19:00 programme of the seminar starts.

What to bring with you:

comfortable clothes for sitting and laying
sleeping bag, blanket or a pillow (in order to be warm and comfortable during breathing exercises)
yoga mat for yoga practise
a piece of cloth, towel or a bathrobe that you can use in sauna
clothes for hiking outdoors, including gloves and a hat
a bagback for the hike
shorts (+ for females a top/bra), that you can wear during an air cold-exposure walk in nature
thermo bottle – a hot sip of tea will come in handy during the walk 😉

The entire seminar is photographed by my daughter. Later on you will receive a link, where you can download all the pictures for your own purposes. (if anyone does not want to be photographed, please do inform me about that beforehand)


I am looking forward to meeting you:-)